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Unemployment Compensation AttorneyThe Florida Department of Economic Opportunity ("DEO") administers Florida's Reemployment Assistance Program. The Reemployment Assistance Program provides temporary, partial wage replacement benefits to qualified workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own.

Effective July 1, 2012 the Florida Unemployment Compensation Program was renamed the Reemployment Assistance Program. The Unemployment Appeals Commission was also renamed the Reemployment Assistance Appeals Commission. The renaming of the program emphasizes the job search activities and reemployment services offered by Florida's workforce partners to jobless claimants receiving benefits. However, the changing of the name of the program does NOT change access to benefits or benefits provided by the State of Florida or the federal government.

Qualifying for Unemployment Benefits

In order to qualify for unemployment compensation benefits, you must:

  • Have lost your job through no fault of your own;
  • Be actively looking for a new job;
  • Be ready to take a new job when offered; and
  • Meet wage requirements based on your previous jobs.

Unemployment Benefits Denied

Some reasons a person may be denied unemployment benefits are:

  • Quitting either part-time or full-time work for personal reasons. Unemployment compensation benefits can only be paid if you quit for good cause attributable to your employer, or for a personal illness or disability that made it necessary for you to leave your job.
  • Being discharged for misconduct connected with work. Misconduct is defined as any action that demonstrates conscious disregard for an employer's interests and is found to be a deliberate disregard or a violation of reasonable standards of behavior and may include activities that did not occur at the workplace or during work hours. Examples of misconduct which can result in a denial of unemployment compensation benefits can include chronic absenteeism or tardiness; willful and deliberate violation of a standard or regulation which would jeopardize the employer's Florida license or certification; or violation of an employer's rules under certain circumstances.
  • Not being able to work or being available to work. You must be able, ready and willing to accept a suitable job immediately. You must also be able to get to work and have adequate child care in order to be able to work.
  • Refusing an offer of suitable work.
  • Being on a leave of absence you requested.

Unemployment Compensation Benefits Claims

A person who files a claim for unemployment compensation benefits is called a "claimant." After the claimant files a claim with the DEO the DEO initially determines whether the claimant has sufficient work and earnings to be monetarily eligible for a claim under Florida law. If the claimant has sufficient earnings to be monetarily entitled to a claim, the DEO investigates the reason the claimant is unemployed. An employer has the right to contest an employee's entitlement to benefits and the DEO may find that the claimant is disqualified from recovering benefits for reasons set forth above.

A claimant who is denied unemployment compensation benefits has the right to appeal the DEO determination and participate in a hearing before an appeals referee. At the appeals hearing a party has the right to:

  • Testify on your own behalf;
  • Present documents and other evidence;
  • Question your own witnesses;
  • Question the opposing party's witnesses;
  • Examine and object to evidence presented; and
  • Make a closing statement at the end of the hearing.

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